Association of Great Benin Descendants

A logo of any organizations or Associations embodies the soul of the vision of that group, hence the need for the change of our Logo, from the Head of Oba Esigie to Elae (represents all the Heads of Kings that has ruled the ancient Benin Kingdom from Ogiso Igodo to Oba Erediauwa), it does not only symbolize our Kingship it also symbolizes the rich history and culture of our people since the beginning of our Monarch about 2055 years ago. Red and White are colors that depicts us as a people because of the spirituality and sacredness of its inherent form. We believe that white purifies our lands from calamity and Red portrays the sacred concept of our interaction with Osanudazi, our Ancestors and other forms of divinities.

THE TUSK: Our ancestors mastered the art of tusk carving, as an ancient antiquity for record keeping as well as for the ancestral worship, the Oregbeni village, on the Ikpoba Hill near Benin, was a specialist community to the Kingdom in all things that concerned elephants, from there the art of Tusk gotten from elephants was carved upon for immeasurable function in the empire. According to the “Antique works of Art from Benin” written by Augustus Pitt-Rivers he described this particular Tusk on our Logo as, “3 feet 6 inches long from bottom to point, Band at bottom with reticulated or square-shaped ornament, probably derived from interlacing bands. Commencing from the bottom, the ornamentation consists of: A coiled serpent, tail in mouth. Leopards head and a human being. Human figures standing, one having a cross on breast, and a key axe-shaped object in left hand similar to bronze castings.

THE HEAD: According to the “Antique works of Art from Benin” written by Augustus Pitt-Rivers, he described the Head on our Logo as “Bronze cast of Human head. Three tribal marks over each eye. Pupils of eyes inlaid with iron. Reticulated head – dress and rosettes of coral or agate, Coral choker, badge of rank. Twelve bands of coral and a band apparently of plaited hair hanging from head-dress on each side” The bronze Oba Head (Elao) and the Tusk attached together represent all the Heads of all Ogisos and Obas that have ruled in ancient Benin Empire in the reigning Oba’s ancestral altar.

Association of Great Benin Descendants
Association of Great Benin Descendants

According to the Dutchman Van Nyendael, he referred to the Head of the Oba and the Tusk “we are also shewn eleven men’s heads cast in copper…and upon each of these is an elephant’s tooth, these being some of the king’s gods.” ADA and EBEN: in our former logo we sort of made the Ada and Eben abit less conspicuous but we decided to make it more conspicuous in our latest and final Logo because it is a symbol of unity amongst all Igodomigodo descendants/Idu Children all over the world as where ever Ada and Eben is seen, rightly describes their ancestral connection to the Great Benin people. Ada is a Sword of Authority, while the Eben is the ceremonial sword of all royalty and Chiefs of Great Benin people. The crossed Ada and Eben signifies their historical, traditional and cultural connection while the separated Ada and Eben connotes their separate functions.

The Ada must at all times be on the Right hand side of the Oba{King) and also the Ada must be on top of the Eben when crossed with each other. Great Benin Descendants revels in the dream and yearning of Osanudazi and our ancestors in other for all Igodomigodo descendants to be united as one people. Oba gha to Kpere. Ise




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