Churches in Western Nigeria

The Advent of Christianity has brought a lot of benefits to the people of Africa especially western education and in Western Nigeria. Among the various new ways the faith brought, western ways of calculation and reasoning was entrenched in the hearts and minds of their captured domain. In modern Nigeria, Benin been the first people to come in contact with the white men in the 13th century remains one of the places that was not captured spiritually even when it was captured in what they knew how to do best, warfare.

The western way of spirituality was not fully accepted even though in the context of Christianity, Arc Benson Idahosa started it all when it comes to flamboyance and bravery in the preaching of the gospel of Jesus Christ to the high and mighty but since his death, Churches in western Nigeria has seen a different tide.

Looking towards the western part of Nigeria, we will see the good deeds that have been accomplished with proceeds from the church, this have contributed a lot to the seemingly high rate of education in the western part of the country.

Most religious houses in Nigeria are headquartered in the Western Nigeria; these places of worship in turn mop resources from all over the country for the use of the greater good of all by setting up institutions of higher learning to serve the ever increasing crave for education, sometimes complementing areas where the government have come short.

Here are a few Universities whose churches have branches all over Nigeria but have schools in the West. These churches are estimated to earn close to 10 Billion Naira on a Sunday alone increasing for good the economic activities of that area.

Bowen University by Baptist Church Osun State

Babcock University by Seventh day Adventist Ondo state

Wesley University by Methodist Church Ondo

Covenant University by living Faith Church Ogun

Loyola Jesuit University by Catholic Church Ogun

Mountain Top University by Mountain of Fire Ogun

Babcock University is also in Ogun State.

Redeemers University By Redeemed Ogun

Anchor University by Deeper Life Lagos

Ajayi Crowder University by Anglican Oyo


To list but a few.



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