The Igbo are welcome in the Niger Delta Region, northerners must quit oil wells within three months – Niger Delta group

A newly formed coalition of intellectuals, groups and associations in the Niger Delta Region which calls itself Rondel Solidarity Movement, has responded to the eviction notice issued to the Igbos in northern Nigeria and declared that the Igbo people are welcome in the Niger Delta Region  if the Northern part of Nigeria makes good it’s threat of eviction.

The statement, signed by their Spokesperson Efe Edet-Tamuno, which also agitated for Independence from Nigeria in 2018 for the Niger Delta Region, asked all northern owners of oil wells to vacate the region three months after the commencement of the eviction notice of the Igbos.

The group, who’s  location of meeting was allegedly Port Harcourt and the actual identities of her coalition partners could not be verified, however gave a condition for their negotiation with government. They said the minimum condition shall be the arrest, trial and conviction of the Arewa Youths over what they termed “treasonable felony”.

Rondel in its statement regretted the idea of initiating the very idea of execution of the Ibos from Northern Nigeria stating that when they finish with the Ibos, they will come for the people of the region of Niger River and the waters around the Niger River down to the ocean,  situation they lamented will be too much of a blow.


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