Ososomaye's First Casualties

Anxiety and tension has fall on the people of Iguomo community, Uhunmwonde Local Government Area of Edo State following the mysterious death of community members which they traced to the curse placed on some persons by the forebears of Oba Ewuare II, the Oba of Benin, this is described to be Oba Ewuare II’s Ososomaye Records First Casualties

The inhabitants of the community besieged the palace of the Oba of Benin yesterday in sorrow, tears and pain appealing for the revocation of the alleged curse placed on the community by the palace. It would be recalled that the Esogban of Benin kingdom, Chief David Edebiri, had warned that people should avoid the curse of the Oba because according to him, ¨those who had incurred the wrath of the Oba always come later to beg for revocation but it is always difficult¨. However, the community members attributed the curse placed on the community to what they described as the sacrilegious acts of disobedience and perversion of native norms by the former officials of the outlawed Community Development Association (CDA) in the village who flouted the orders of Omo N’Oba.

They cried that since after the curse, mysterious deaths, strange diseases as well as untold afflictions have been ravaging the community. The secretary of the Iguomon community, Mr Joseph Ighodaro who spoke on behalf of the community, said they were at the palace to appeal to the monarch as the supreme traditional authority in the state to revoke all the curses placed on Iguomon village by his ancestors, stressing that the people of the village were ready to carry out all the necessary rites needed for the revocation of the curse. They also pleaded with Omo N’Oba to consider the approval of Mr Roland Okhuarobo as the rightful Odionwere of Iguomon village. “The Oba should come to our rescue because our own disrespect and disloyalty led us into this problem. We have promised to refrain from every immoral behaviour and we thank God that government has banned the CDAs who created this problem. Our people are dying of different diseases so we came to beg because we can no longer continue to suffer” he stated.



  1. Oba Edo gha tor kpere, ise…Long leave the king..this a very good example to all.know body there tradition.WE SAY KNOW TO REVOKING OF THE CAUSE…let all learn most especially the jobless youth killing innocent souls and family,out of their frustration..enough is enough.Oba Edo gha tor kpere, ise

  2. This is just the begining .oba gha tor kpre .it now turn for the cultist in Benin who are still operating to start dying one after the other and confussion in their mist

  3. Very wrong statement to have said the Oba placed a curse on Iguomo. He didn’t. Only members who flouted the warnings are affected. It’s also a futile effort appealing for any form of revocation. My Oba doesn’t revoke curses. Akobe ma mu ofen ne e ta ovbievbo no khin

  4. Oba Edo gha tor kpere, Ise!!! Akobe ma mu ofen ne e ta ovbievbo no khin…
    Evil doers must pay for their evil ways …


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