Oba Ewuare II’s Ososomaye Technology continues to “Lomi”

So far, three (3) persons including a young man based in Napoli, Italy have reportedly died as a result of the curse placed on human traffickers in Edo State by the Benin monarch, Oba Ewuare II. The victim in Italy was said to be a notorious human trafficker, while the two others were said to be armed robbers, who died in their sleep shortly after returning from a robbery operation, as Oba Ewuare II’s Ososomaye Technology continues to “Lomi”.

Official Post’s correspondent was reliably informed that the victim based in Italy had several girls camped in an apartment and all the girls engaged in prostitution under his supervision. Trouble was said to have started when the girls informed him they will no longer continue to pay him the trafficker’s fee as agreed before they travelled from Nigeria as a mark of adherence to the traditional decree made by the Oba of Benin, they did not want to die a sudden death, hence the refusal to continue the trafficker’s fee. The deceased, it was gathered, rejected their position insisting on payment. It was said that the victim suddenly started suffering a mysterious headache forcing them to rush him to the hospital where he died last Sunday. One of his accomplices, identified as Queen, is also said to be at the hospital in Napoli, Italy, following mysterious illness.

Oba Ewuare II’s Ososomaye Technology continues to “Lomi”
Oba Ewuare II’s Ososomaye Technology continues to “Lomi”

It was gathered the deceased and Queen had doubted the efficacy of the Oba’s traditional decree and curse despite pleas from the girls in his camp to grant them freedom. It was gathered that his death was received with shock by members of the Edo community in Italy. Edo State-born activist and host of reality talk show based in Germany, Prince Edwin Idahosa confirmed that the deceased “died as a result of the curse by the Oba of Benin. I know the guy very well but unfortunately for him, after the curse he still collected money from the girls which resulted in his death. His girlfriend is also on admission now for the same problem “

In another development at Useh, in Ogida barracks Benin City, two suspected robbers were said to have died in their sleep after they reportedly returned from a robbery operation as their neighbours woke up yesterday to discover their lifeless bodies in their rooms. Reacting to the development, a member of the Edo State Task Force against Human Trafficking and Illegal Migration, Mr. Solomon Okoduwa, yesterday, said the committee was informed about the death of a trafficker in Italy and warned that Oba’s curses are potent. He said: “It is important for all Edo sons and daughters to heed to the call of the Oba. Oba’s orders are orders you don’t joke with. For those who are still in the business, they should remember Oba’s curse. “So you can see that there is no where you can hide as the Oba Ewuare II’s Ososomaye Technology continues to “Lomi”.

Either you are caught by the law or by the gods of the land. “Oba has freed all the girls. So we are trying to locate the family of the deceased here in Benin and also free the girls in captivity by alerting the Police over there.”



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