Like the biblical account record of the moon and stars diving direction the three wise men in other to locate the birth of Jesus Christ, the moon, stars and even the sun stood still for the Oba of Benin, Oba Ewuare II when he paid visit to esanland, Edo State.

At the occasion of the visit, a lot of pressing problems facing the people of Esan, a part of Edo State was presented to the Oba including their desire to see the Duke of Uromi (Onogie of Uromi) restored to his seat after been sacked by Edo State government last year.

Barley  a few minutes int to a prayer session led by the Esogban of Benin, Chief Edebiri, the Moon, Sun and Stars appeared in the sky signifying the diviness of the Oba of Benin among his people of Edo and far beyond.

The Oba of Benin highlighted various measures the Palace has put in place to cub the current sufferings being experienced in the state, when he mentiond the farmers initiative he has put inplace, the Oba Ewuare Foundation which has began full scale and offering scholarship to the downtrodden and to feed the financially impaired persons living in his kingdom.

Oba Ewuare II made it known that as the Oba of Benin, he is and remains the avenue through which the power of the ancestors continue to guild and protect Benin Kingdom, its people and also to oversee all traditional matters within his purview for guidance, counselling and mediation.

It will be recalled that the very same historic and significant occurrence happened at the coronation of Oba Eriadiawa, when the Moon and stars stood still. The repetition of these signs of world significance will begin to give rise to the question of, who are the Edos and how come the moon, sun and stars honor them?


  1. Ovbie-Ekpen N’Owa N’ Oven, Owen Vbe Uki Mudiana Ya Ye Otue Ekponmwen Ya Yo Otesan Re Vbe Egbe Heneden
    Erie Gha Manen Ugha Gha Manen
    Oba Ghi Legbevbuefo Ugha Ghihe Uya n’omo Iseee
    Oba’mwan Ghato-kpere Iseeee.


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