The news of the attack of a former Governorship candidate of APC in Edo State, Mr Blessing Agbomhere and thirty others including a former Governorship aspirant in Bayelsa State has come as a huge shock to the seemingly steady democracy in Nigeria. This incident has been tagged  Attack on Mr., BLESSING AGBOMHERE at the Benin Airport.

According to Mr., BLESSING AGBOMHERE, he was attacked in the Benin Airport, an act he has described as barbaric, demonic, preposterous, unacceptable, condemnable and antihuman. It is not only an assault on him or others but an assault to all of us who are supposed to be enjoying our Fundamental Human Rights.

For citizens of the like of Mr., BLESSING AGBOMHERE to be attacked and humiliated in this manner in his own State by thugs, what hope does the ordinary citizen have? The attack on Mr., BLESSING AGBOMHERE was carried out in the open at the Benin Airport, Edo State, a place supposed to be safe because of the high presence of security operatives present but in his case, he could not be guaranteed the fundamental right to safety of life and his property. It will be recalled that since the beginning of the Godwin Obaseki administration, visitors, investors and foreigners alike have been flocking to Edo State via the Benin Airport, what kind of impression would have been created in the minds of the unfortunate many that has seen this act?

The big question now will remain, “What offence has Blessing Agbomhere committed to warrant such a barbaric attack?” The hoodlums that carried out this attack and their sponsor should be investigated and brought under the heavy weight of the law, for if not addressed, visitors and investors might reconsider their location choice for business or pleasure.

 This attack is coming at the very period when the state was basking in the euphoria that thug have been trampled upon by both the Royal father Oba Ewuare II and the state government.

 The alleged attack on Mr., BLESSING AGBOMHERE is most ungodly and totally condemnable.



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