The Chibok girl who was holding an Ak-47 rifle in the latest video released by Boko Haram has been identified. In the video, a male voice at the background was heard asking why she and others have refused to return home, according to Punch, the girl has been identified as Maida Yakubu, this development has been seen as surprise for a Chibok girl’ holds AK-47 rifle.

The Co-convener of the BBOG, Aisha Yesufu, confirmed this to members of the group during a meeting with other members of the BBOG in Abuja on Saturday. She said her mother, Esther Yakubu identified her.

She added that Maida in another video last year had urged the Federal Government to rescue them. Yesufu said, “The girl told us how much they had suffered and that they wanted to come back home; and this time, she is saying she does not want to come back home and she wants her parents to join her. We felt it was necessary to pay a visit of encouragement to the parents and weare just coming from Esther Yakubu’s house.


“It is not easy but she is quite strong. For the family, it is really sad and it is not the kind of thing you wish for your enemy but they are strong. She did say that the voice was her daughter’s voice even though she could only see her eyes because the girls were wearing Hiqab and their eyes were swollen as if they had cried.

“So, we stand with them and we will not stop this fight. “We also encourage her not to give up because her daughter will need her when she gets out and by the grace of God, her daughter will come out.”









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