Pandemonium broke out in Gelegele, Edo State when some workers carrying out building activities were ambushed and beating by some Ijaw Settlerss residing in gelegele.
It will be recalled that the Oba of Benin Oba Ewuare II has called for the corporation of the state government in bringing an export processing zone to the town of Gelegele, this developmental move has made some Ijaw settlers organize themselves into group to create and draw attention within and outside the state for recognition as settlers, thereby calling themselves state holders.
According to sources, they said the best tool for negotiation was to first renew their claim of ownership to the town then maybe they will not be asked to pack out from the land when development begins, a move the state government is not ready to carry out as the relocation of  Ijaw Settlers to other parts of Benin is not been considered presently. 
Some Ijaw elders are secretly siding with the youths but for fear of the anger of the Benins on a regular basis deny they are not a party to the arrogant behavior of some of their youths who always benefit from crisis by causing chaos, run away, then ask for a round table talk so that they giving money to calm them down, but in the case of Edo state, they have not been seen as serious enough to cause hindrances in the way of the developmental progress as settlers are never stakeholders in any community, as the Okao of Gelegele is in full support of the project.
The workers who were mainly young men were Manson’s, Carpenters and Architects. The bus of the owner of the property they were about to develop was burnt down, even as some of them were badly injured. The gang that did this immediately ran way. The attention of all Edos and the Security agencies are needed so as to stop the repeat of such an ugly act in the future because it will become dangerous if workers now go about arming themselves when they are on site working in their own state and land.


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